I Am Reaching Out To Princeton To Solve A Simple Problem!

This is my article that was printed in The Princeton, NJ US1 Newspaper on September 28, 2011. The name of my article, “When Home Falls Between the Cracks”. Please click on the line below to view my article.


The newest article is my letter to the Editor: Called, Homeless Update:


I met Miss H.  four years ago. She lives outside at a location I will not disclose. She lives there from spring until winter, for the past 20 years she has lived outside. She is around 68 years old.  She is mildly Schizophrenic. She will not take medication, period. Her family wants nothing to do with her. Please know about Schizophrenic people before you say what she should do or anything for that matter. This is the facts, she is homeless and frankly better off on the streets of Princeton, NJ than Trenton, NJ where the junkies and people who would harm her at the shelters there. The only other place they would put her is a mental institution. Have any of you been there or saw one???? We are working with what works for her, not forcing our will on her because that will not work.

I have cared for her along with a husband and wife and another single women like myself. I have a failed fusion in my neck  from a  2008 car accident,  being in pain now since 2007 has been a night mare for me and helping Miss H. takes me out of my self.  If I can do this along with all the other things I have to do, you can help too. I am asking people to do a some fund-raising for me or contribute to my fund raiser on face book or send a check to the Post Box mentioned on the video and in the Route 1 News article.

The women who has been paying for Miss H. (my little homeless lady) will not be paying for her hotels anymore in the coming winters. I can’t blame her she has done a lot for 5 years or more, it looks like it is my turn now and my hopes your as well.  Please set up a collection box in your office you can copy and paste her picture from here or ask me for a copy.  She feels safe in hotels as long as there is an out side entrance and it is near Princeton, NJ, she feels safe here.

 I need to raise at least $3,000.00 by December. That would be rent for December Thru  April/May. The hotel she did stay in was flooded so, I have to start looking now. I am in hopes that they have every thing up and running so she can go back there. I will pay what ever is not donated. I will not have her outside in the bitter cold. Please, I need all of your help. Miss H. worked hard for many, many years and was not always ill.  She deserves help, love, compassion and kindness as we all do. Please help me to help her!

Thank you, Suzanne Newman

Please click on story (The Blue High Lighted Area)above to donate to the Facebook fundraiser if you prefer to donate through PayPal. Then click on the Facebook logo to get to the donation page.


One thought on “I Am Reaching Out To Princeton To Solve A Simple Problem!

  1. Hello everyone! Miss H is doing well. We went shopping a ShopRite Christmas eve and how cute she looked shopping for herself. She paid for her groceries, which I want her to do she does have a small amount of money she gets from being a healthcare worker when she was stable.

    I bought her a new cart. Her old cart that she pushes around when she walks places was worn out. I mentioned before that Ace Hardware in Princeton Shopping center took 30.00 off the cost. Ace is also ordering me a liner for the inside of her car so her things don’t get wet. I am going to use some of my masonite (a type of compressed like wood) that I use to paint on to make the bottom of the cart solid. I will be taking her to get snow boots this week and a warm sweater from Burlington Coat Factory. I also want o take her on January 13th to see the movie, Joyful Noise! with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/dolly-parton-and-queen-latifah-event/tb8aeoug?cpkey=d3a971e2-25a2-4f33-baad-1b212b61617a%7C%7C%7C%7C

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