Thank you!

I would like to thank all the people on facebook and friends who have donated money to help my friend, the dear little homeless lady to have a warm place to live in for this winter. They’re where some anonymous folks, my good friends and some people they didn’t even know me on facebook: Kristie L., Cindy and Dan M., Allison M., Donna R., Annie M., Lindy S., Steve G., Jen E., Jacqueline V., Tammy T., and $50 more dollars was raised at my birthday party dance Sunday march 6th.

I will continue fundraising to help raise money to put aside for each winter to come. The lovely lady who wants to remain anonymous who has paid for Carol Lynn to stay in this local hotel for the past five years with money, actually got upset when we got her number and name from the hotel manager where Carolyn is staying. This young lady is an angel and I in return want to help her with her selfless actions to help a 68-year-old, mildly schizophrenic, sweet woman who does not want to take medication. Who are we to judge her for that and who are we to judge her family. I grew up with a mentally ill mother and I know the work it took to heal and to be there for when she was dying. No one can expect everyone’s priorities to be the same. I do wish that people’s priorities little different when it comes to caring for and trying to understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

I think between the lovely lady who is made sure Carol Lynn has had a warm shelter for the past five years, my friend and her husband and myself we can make life a little easier for an elderly sweet lady. My friend and her husband have a large home; Carol Lynn will stay there occasionally with them when it gets unbearably hot out in the summer. She helps do her laundry also. Carol Lynn has been to my apartment several times and I made dinner for her and we watched movies together. She loves my cats especially Tia, my little female Bengal who wins everyone’s heart. Carol Lynn won’t allow us to hug her but she would let Tia sleep on her lap, which truly touched my heart. When I go visit her she always asks about Tia. I have to now hopefully convince her to give my new little adopted pug, Nani a chance. I don’t think she likes dogs, but we will work on it, my fingers are crossed.

It’s a funny thing I don’t know this woman probably as much as I know a lot of you. The strange thing is there is this wonderful energy around her it is almost unexplainable. She holds no material possessions, she watches no TV although she is an avid reader. The books she reads are not about the horrors of this world. Her somewhat toothless smile always brings a sparkle to my eyes. There is this other world about her and sometimes I wonder, well lets just leave it at that I just wonder…

I want to truly believe in my heart that there is still the pureness of a child out there and that people are genuine, kind and loving. I do not have to convince anyone that what I’m doing is good, should be done and that we all should reach out to others. I know that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. I can’t think of any other reason for being here on this planet. If all you do is take, spend, worry, project, want what you don’t have you will always be empty inside. My God all Joy comes from giving something from your heart weather it is a smile, a kind deed, doing for another, doing for yourself, singing a song, dancing, laughing with another, aiding someone that is hurting and some times saving a life, now that to me is the meaning of joy, that makes your heart sing.

Carol Lynn will always have a lot of Angels looking over her and thinking about her and I bet God talks to her or who knows maybe when I am talking to her, maybe it’s really him talking to me! Hummmmmmmm……


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