Please, I need everyone’s help… I am trying to raise money for a 68 year old little sweet lady.

She lives out side of Marshalls and Staples where Whole Foods is. I am sure many of you have viewed her sitting in her chair. Then I am sure many choose not to……She has lived out side for 20 years. She mildly Schizophrenic but very, very bright, loving and kind and I love her to death. We need money to keep her in a small hotel where we got her into Christmas Eve…Thank GOD!!!!!! She will not go to the Trenton shelters, believe me you would not either she is safer where she is!!!!!!

She will not except help that is the problem!!!! For some reason she trusts and loves me and also a wonderful family I met that was helping her when I met my little lady.

What she needs is money to pay for her to stay in the hotel for the winter. The only hotel she will stay n is a ratty, over priced hotel, close by where she lives outside the rest of the year  but, again it is the only place she will stay.  There is a lovely woman who had paid for her stays at his hotel for years and now she can’t anymore. I am doing the best I can selling things on e-bay and doing a fund raiser on facebook and will start one soon in my office.

This is not a scam by any means. You are welcome to meet with me I live in Princeton. I am on disability with a metal plate in my neck, so I am struggling but, if I have to I will use what little money have saved to pay for her hotel stay for this winter! I WILL NOT SEE HER SIT OUTSIDE AND DIE. The system sucks and I can not change it but I can do this and I am.

Trust me everything has been attempted to get her further help! That is if she would allow it, she could get it but, she will not take medication. She hears voices and you can not talk sence to you own families people most of the time. If have to trust me here. I am just trying to help get through this winter and she will be sitting outside of Marshalls again as soon as it is warm enough for her under her conditions not mine. Please also do not flood her there either. I do not want her thrown out of there. By the blody grace of God the owner of that coplex allows her there with all her bags.

Please send money on my facebook fund rasier, just type in Suzanne Newman princeton NJ so I  can friend you, if you are signed up on facebook and donate though paypal on the fund rasier I have set up for her or just send a check to my office: Suzanne Newman 601 Ewning Street, Suite B Princeton, NJ 08540

Thank you, Suzanne Newman

My Little Lady one afternoon when it was close to 100 degree’s outside she came for diner!


7 thoughts on “Please, I need everyone’s help… I am trying to raise money for a 68 year old little sweet lady.

    1. Hi Gary,

      I am not sure if you got my address. You wanted to send a check to help my little homeless lady.I don’t want to give out my home address so this is my office address. It is
      Princeton Chiropractic and Sports Rehab
      Attention: Suzanne Newman
      601 Ewing Street
      Suite C
      Princeton, NJ 08540

  1. I was asked several times when I got this post as why this lady cannot stay with you? So I am asking..Why cant she stay with you? That would resolve the issue of money and she could get help with food stamps I am sure. So can you explain?

    Thanks so much,

    Melissa Pettigrew

    1. Miss Pettigrew,

      She doesw not want to, she want to live out side except in the winter, she has Schizophrenia and if you understand hat mental illness
      you would know the answer. I also have a one bedroom apartment with 3 cats and a dog and I am on disability with a metal plate in my neck.
      You can visit her in the summer at the Princeton Whole foods, by Marshalls and ask if she will do as you ask. Please maybe she will listen to you.

      Thanks Suzanne

  2. I am not trying to be rude by any means. But I do think that it may help her for the winter. I hate seeing this. Its very sad and if more people opened up and could see that homeless people need a huge amount of help. Medical, Mental health, Spiritual, They need people to assist them. I would open my home to anyone that I considered a friend that was in the streets without a doubt. I might have to place limits but I would do it. I would also assist them in finding affordable housing. If there is a will there is a way!!

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