An excerpt from Kirsten Kubnert’s book, “Every Day A Little Miracle”, The Gift of The Dolphins.

This has to be about one of the most beautiful and meaningful book that I have ever read. The author of the book is Kirsten Kubnert. It is her story about her journey with her son Timmy. The book is called Every Day A Little Miracle – The Gift of The Dolphins. This story not only made me realize how we all take everyday for granted, not fully realizing  how lucky we all really are.

This is the story of a mother who is gifted with two little babies who were born absolutely perfect. Then one tragic day Kirsten’s son Timmy fell onto a shallow filled pool of water that should have been filled in and just lay there in ruin. Timmy’s lifeless body was brought back to life.  The night mare was his mother Kirsten was told he would have to be fed through a feeding tube, that he had brain damage and he would pretty much be a lifeless body. The story is about Timmy and her journey to hell and back. The book talks about Kirsten’s loss of her marriage, friends the doctors that told her Timmy was hopeless, the doctor that believed he would get better and the people who stood by her side through their journey.

Kirsten’s strong will and love for her child Timmy proves that love and the power behind that love, the feeding tube was removed and he slowly was able to eat, he did understand what his mother was saying to him and with the help of the dolphins he came out of the world where his mother could not reach him. The most tremendous help which proved to be a miracle for Timmy and many other children came from, The Dolphin Human Therapy Program founded by Dr. David E. Nathanson, the man who conceived of and brought to life The Dolphin human therapy program. I truly suggest you check out each of these web sites- and these programs have become a miracle for many families with children with autism, brain damage, and other debilitating illnesses. This is a story of the courage of many parents and the healing ability and love for humans by the Dolphins.

The book was very profound to me in many ways but, there was one special excerpt that touched my heart so very, very deeply, that I wanted to share it. I am not saying that you by any means should believe as I do but, once again I found a book that I was supposed to read and possibly what I’m about to share with you will open your mind to different way of looking at things.

This is in her book and written by her, some of this may be a little confusing because these are personal friends and meanings but, I am sure you will understand on some level, I hope so. I read this to my good friend in Georgia and cried so hard that it was hard for me to read it out loud to him and he asked me if I would write it for him so I did and here it is.

This is Kirsten’s letter to a friend in her book:

God hovered above the earth and chose with great care and thought he’s instruments for the protection of the species.

He observed everything carefully and dictated to his angels from internal propagation book.

‘Betty Miller, daughter, guardian angel Matthew; Ivy Smith, son, guardian angel Gabriel; Carol King, son, guardian angel? Give her Jonathan, he’s used to swearing.

At the end he dictated to an angel a name to write down, and say with a smile, ‘I’ll give her a handicapped child’.

The angel is astonished. Why have you chosen her God? She’s so happy.’

‘That’s exactly why’, God says, and continued to smile. ‘ How can I give a sick child to mother who can’t laugh? That would be cruel.’

‘She doesn’t have much patience either’, the angel said.

’ I don’t want her to have patience. Otherwise she will drown in a sea of sadness and self-pity. When the first pain and shock of past, she will pick herself up and get on with things flawlessly. I watched her today. She has the right feeling of independence and self-confidence. And that, alas, is very rare in mothers, but absolutely necessary. Listen to me-  the child that I will give her will live in another, in its own world. She must encourage it, and bring it so far that it lives in her world. That won’t be easy.’

‘ But Lord, said the angel,’ as far as I can see she doesn’t even believe in you’.

And God grinned to himself.

‘That doesn’t matter. I’ll take care of that. Yes, yes, I think that she will be very capable she is egoist enough.’

The angel gasped for breath:- ‘egoist? Is that really something good?

God answered with a yes. ’ When she doesn’t sometimes distance herself from the child, she will not survive the burden, and it will be hard for her anyway, to cope with everything. It’s exactly this woman to whom I will give a child that is not perfect. She doesn’t know it, but she is really something to be jealous of.  She will never take a spoken word for granted, not a single step as something every day in normal.  When her child says Mama,  for the first time, it will be clear to her that this is a miracle that she is experiencing. When she describes her blind child a tree early sunset, she will see these things as only a few see my creations. I will make it possible for her to recognize everything which I recognize. Cruelty, prejudiced, ignorance. I will allow her to rise above these things.  She will never be alone, every day of her life every minute, because she does my work as surely as if she were sitting next to me.

I personally want to thank Kirsten Kubert, although our paths were very different and I don’t have a child and at times that pains me. I had a very high mountain to climb too. I will never know the bond of a mother and her child but, being an Empath I do believe I have an idea. I hope for all that suffer that you know you have the strength Kirsten has and you will get through the hardest of times. I would also like to say one of the most wonderful gifts God has given us are the animals on this earth, especially our pets how God like they are and the Dolphins well… they, I believe are the closest of all to God. Dolphins will always bring joy to me even thinking about them. The healing power of the Dolphin and their care for us, is still beyond my comprehension

I wanted to write this to all the parents who have special needs children and parents who have lost a child. My heart is filled with compassion for you and I hope that you may believe as I do, that God is always with you always giving you the strength you need and holding you in his arms when you feel you can’t go on. This is for you most of all Lynn, you too I will always love and you will always be in my heart as well as your family, I love you!


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