Just some information to keep you posted about Gotcher’ Back Therapeutic Massage.

Hummmmmm….. know what could massage therapy and whole health have to do with animals? It seems that some people looking at my website and clicking on my blog where a tad bit upset! How dare me to be a massage therapist and discuss animals? Why that’s just absurd! I will explain to you what animals and whole health and massage have to do with each other.

The most important truth in my life is about getting information out to the public on our world and what affects us as far as mind, body and spirit. My massage will always make you better, always! If I can not say that after 16 years of  doing healing work I better just hang it up! The question is what are we doing to make the world around us more healthy and creating change for the better in some way? I am sick of  hearing people complain and point fingers. I am sick and tired of hearing people saying, I can’t watch that it’s too upsetting! Well, my friends that’s called denial, we have a major pandemic on our hands, It is not only about our health, another words it’s not about your small world it is about the world as a whole and how what is going on effects us all!. The bird flu, the swine flu and mad cow disease do you people think that this is some disease the animal decided to cast upon us?

This is about what we need to know about how our animals/wildlife are treated because baby, you are what you eat! If you have no concern and want to stay in denial about the poisons that are being put in your body by what you consume because, you choose not to watch or listen to information that might be a little bit unsettling to you, that’s too damn bad!

The dairy farms and where chickens are raised, let us focus on these two meets that we ingest. It would be wise for you to find out what goes on behind closed doors and start giving a damn, because change needs to happen for the animals first and for most, their inhumane conditions are sickening and you people, well you eat it and if that can be your only reason to care so be it!

I am about helping people to heal and I do so everyday and I do not have a problem saying I am a hard act to follow! I help to bring light where there is darkness and help to make changes to my clients to inform them on how they can stay healthy, behave in a manner that is humane, decent, loving and caring because that is what brings about the balance in our health, body, mind and spirit. If we choose to say that animals are separate from us, that they are property and that they have no rights you need to take a look at how you view things and maybe take a look in the mirror.

If you can or choose to make a decision that by looking at my blog and thinking that information doesn’t belong there that’s your business. My blog has anything to do with my knowledge of the mind, body and spirit. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a great massage therapist either. I don’t know how many of my clients have said to me you are a tough act to follow. How do you find a massage therapist that is as good as you? Well the answer to that is, I haven’t yet! I have yet to meet anyone that listens, asks the right questions and truly cares yet alone knows what they are doing with someone’s body. I didn’t ask you in the first place to judge me on my blog. My website gives you enough information to let you know that I certainly know what I’m doing.

So once again, it’s your loss if you base my Massage knowledge on the intelligence of my blog. Nothing is separate, that’s the problem with all of us, it’s shown in Chinese medicine which is 3,000 years old, we are not separate from this planet, the animals, plants, environment or of people on it. I’m not concerned about who does not come to my practice quite honestly if my blog bothers you that much you might want to ask yourself why. It has nothing to do with me. I don’t want you as a client if really important information like this, so called turns you off, go else where.

Have a peaceful and mindful spring. I know that a lot of changes for the good are happening right now. It’s nice to know that you’re a part of bringing about these changes I know I am!  Book a Massage today and feel the difference of a great massage. It is also good to know that part of your money goes to help those that are less fortunate. One thing good to take note of  is some thing that was written by Albert Einstein, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”


2 thoughts on “Just some information to keep you posted about Gotcher’ Back Therapeutic Massage.

  1. Great response Suzanne..keep on,keeping on…the articles and pieces you include on your blog are important to you, and others…you are being true to your self in sharing, in attempting to educate those who have no knowledge, or deny the reality of what goes on in these areas. You are a gem !

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