This post is from Dogs Deserve Better, CEO Tamira Ci Thayne. Please become a member people in Pennsylvania!

Dear Coalition Member,

Freezing PA Chained Dog

Thank you for joining the PA Anti-Tethering Coalition and supporting House Bill 1254. As we are in the midst of “Snowmeggedon 2” here in Central Pennsylvania, take a moment and think of all the dogs chained outside right now in the freezing cold, snow covering their doghouses, without any relief in sight. Imagine how it feels to be a chained dog today, no way out, no escape, and with caretakers who truly are unmoved by your plight.

How does this make you feel? Kinda’ helpless, we know. But now, think of us as a group, together, and what we have the power to DO for these dogs! If we rise up, strong and powerful, and INSIST that things change for chained dogs in Pennsylvania, our voices WILL be heard and our bill WILL be passed.

UPDATE:  You can now view the names of those who wished to have their first name, last initial and city shown on the UNCHAINPADOGS website under the section entitled “Coalition Members.”   (Businesses are shown by name and city at the top of the list. If you have a business or a rescue or shelter and would like to be listed, please join as a business too on the coalition page or by

Please be patient when first looking at this webpage.  Due to the lengthy list of fellow supports of this legislation, it takes some time for the individual names to load onto the page.

As mentioned, we had a great response, but now we need to ask you to do two things to help get this bill moving.

1.  Please see if each of you can get at least five more people to sign on to the PA Anti-Tethering Coalition by going to <> and clicking on the “Join the Coalition” button.

2.  Please contact YOUR legislator directly and ask them to support this legislation.  You can find out who your legislator is by going to <> and clicking on the  “Take Action Now!” button. If you choose to call your representative, call the local office.  If you choose to write, there is a sample letter on the website.  Handwritten letters are always the best!

We will  be updating the website with additional names on a weekly basis.  As soon as we have some movement on the bill in the Judiciary Committee, we will send an alert, but your calls and letters are extremely important at this time.

3. Watch these videos we made in the last few weeks of chained dogs within Pennsylvania. Rest assured there are thousands more just like these dogs, suffering and maybe dying all over the state right now. We have the power to stop this!

Remember: Five Minutes of your Time Will
Save PA Dogs from a Lifetime of Misery.

Media Releases:
Dogs are Snowmeggedon’s Forgotten Victims
The World Most Unusual Valentines Go to the Dogs


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