Low interest loans for puppy mills


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James E. Casorio Jr.



In September of 2009, PA state representative James E. Casorio Jr. was shocked to learn that the state awarded a low cost loan of over $30,000 to a Lancaster Co. puppy miller. According to Rep. Casorio, who was the primary sponsor of the puppy mill law (Act 119) which passed in 2008:

“This industry has been the scourge of Pennsylvania for decades. Last year, we passed a sweeping new law to protect the animals trapped in these commercial kennels, and now we’re giving these facilities state money to expand even more? And at a time when critical services and programs for children, seniors and other people are being cut or eliminated altogether? Whatever kind of guidelines are in place that allow commercial dog kennels to apply for and obtain state financing need to be re-examined.
These factory-type breeding operations are inhumane by definition. They are the kind of operation that leads to incredible suffering for the dogs that are sentenced to spend their entire lives breeding in them, and for the hundreds of puppies each year they produce that end up unwanted or in abusive situations. Pennsylvanians looking for pets should be avoiding these puppy mills, and the state certainly should not be financing them.”

Hershey farms operates TLC kennels, which breeds “designer puppies”. TLC is a CK6 kennel; meaning it breeds and/or sells over 500 dogs a year. The 30,819 dollar loan was awarded under the state’s Renewable Energy Program and would allow the kennel to install a geothermal system and expand its facilities. The financing was approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority, whose purpose is purportedly to help grow new industry, create jobs and economic opportunities for Pennsylvania.

The puppy mill loan was was announced on the same week end that a federal judge upheld key parts of Pennsylvania’s new Dog Law. Portions of the law had been challenged by the PDBA. The federal judge upheld the new law enforcement provisions granting the authority to conduct unannounced inspections at commercial kennels and enforcing license revocations while they are still under appeal. [18]


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