Dog Deserve Better!

Man’s Best Friend?
Dogs are social animals, who come to us to be loved
and give ample love in return. When living chained,
they are not pets, but prisoners.
It’s Not OK!
To chain dogs outside for life, confined, tethered by
the neck. Dogs who live chained suffer from constant
exposure to the elements and often become
entangled in their chains, which prevents them from
reaching their shelter, choking, and even hanging to
death. They also are 2.5 times more likely to bite.
Chaining goes against the dog’s natural instincts. He
is separated from the people he loves, feels uncared
for, bored, angry and mean. If your dog then attacks
an innocent child, you will be held liable.
There Are Alternatives!
You can bring your dog into your home, get quality
training. Fence your yard so that she may run free in
her own area.
We Will Help!
Dogs Deserve Better will mentor you, guide you in
training, or help with fencing. The goals of the
organization are six-fold: advocate and become the
voice for all dogs living chained outside; educate
society to evolve a higher ethical and moral standard
for the treatment of dogs living under these conditions;
meet with caretakers of dogs chained outside
to advocate on behalf of the dogs and discuss other
options available to them; provide low-cost fencing
of yards to improve the quality of life for these dogs;
provide low-cost or no-cost house training for dogs
whose caretakers wish to bring them into the home;
temporarily foster and find new homes for dogs
whose caretakers wish them to have a better life but
are unwilling or unable to provide that for them.
Can You Sympathize?
Are you an animal lover? Do you pass a chained dog
with a sadness in your heart? Please take this time to
do something about it. Donate money, time, fencing
supplies, or anything else you think may be helpful
today. Our standard of treatment for dogs must
evolve! Please be part of the evolution. Log on to to help today.
Donate Today! It’s tax-deductible. 501c3.
Please contact Tammy S. Grimes, Founder

Dogs Deserve Better!
P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684

House Bill 1254 in Pennsylvania legislation limiting hours a dog is tethered outside within 24 hours. The bill has to be specific, tethered out side for no more than 2 hours. (Dogs would not be permitted to be tethered outside unattended between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.) That is how it is phrased and it won’t pass. The Bill is sitting until 4/2010 to be dealt with, results dogs freezing to death. It’s up to you!


Please ContactThomas Caltagirone 1-717-787-3525


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