Finding well established Holistic Health Care.

I am finding it harder and harder to find Massage Therapists that know what they are doing. When I say this I am talking about Therapeutic Massage Therapy which is different than Spa/relaxation Massage. I work mostly on Athletes, Sports injuries and rehabilitation clients. I hear more and more from my new clients how frustrated they are with the Massage Therapists out there and how happy they are to have found me. I am pleased with their wonderful compliments and the new clients but, frustrated with whats going on with our Massage Therapists. Please for the people that are looking for a Massage Therapist out there, feel free to call me for referrals. I know great Chiroprators in Princeton, NJ, a few great Accupucturists, one excellent Rolfer/Structural integration therapist, energy workers and a few great nutritionists. I am also taking new clients daily and if you are at all unhappy with me I do know a few good Massage Therapists too.

To the Massage Therapists out there. Do not advertize things you can not do and are not your strenghts. People will not come back. Your client should not have to tell you what to do. You are the professional. It is so important to listen and yes, ask them their problem area/areas but, it is your job to know how to promote healing and to suggest things to your client to do to help them selves. I have had Massages where Therapists do not understand that every thing is connected and I had to show them what to do to release a muscle but, also work on the surrounding areas. Then hand them the money at the end. I walked out more stressed out than I did when I walked in.

Please read, watch video’s, attend seminars on what you do if you want clients and want to keep them. If you want to do fluff Massage say that you just do Swedish Massage. Every Massage should be geared to what your clients issues are. I have no two Massages that are alike. I don’t understand this name the Massage thing. They are custom made to suit you as they all should be by every Massage Therapist unless you are doing Swedish Massage which, I consider to do on someone who has lost a loved one, someone totally stressed out or won’t allow themselves to feel pain which says alot right there. Then don’t go there with them untill they are ready.

Don’t get me wrong, touch no matter what is healing as long as your intent is to heal. Just make sure you advertize what you do correctly. If you don’t clients do not come back.


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