The power of words.

  I am a firm believer that yes, we are all going to at some point expire. My hopes are that much more aware human beings will evolve. I can not disagree that we may all have weak genetic links. The idea is to become aware of what they are. That means paying attention to our bodies. Yes, also look at our family of origins health issues. 

  I truly believe eating relatively organic and to the smarty pants out there that means not skippy peanut butter get to a health food store and get it without sugar. Read the labels of what you eat. I know I like sugar at times but, I don’t want it in my apple pie. Learn to cook and cook a head of time and freeze servings in containers.

  Exercise, please we can all come up with an excuse. It is a must! Women weight bearing exercises that helps with bone loss and guess what we will need strength in our arms when we get old, to push ourselves up from a chair. Stretch! The computer is great for this Google stretching and presto, wonderful simple stretches you can even do in a chair. Walk, run, practice yoga, dance, jump rope, lift weights, do squats while standing at your desk. Get up from that computer and stretch. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe the most important of them all. Express your feelings! Learn how to communicate clearly. Get professional counseling when you are stuck emotionally or need to work thought family issues.

  I am not writing what I am about to write to offend, blame or gain a popularity contest. I am speaking from what I have seen with clients and through my own personal experiences. This is to show you how the power of words can affect you in a negative matter. I have experienced a lot of clients with Fibromyalgia the main symptom of fibromyalgia is pain all over the body for more than 3 months. It is common for people to experience achy muscles that feel tender to the touch and morning stiffness. The pain of fibromyalgia is a “deep” muscle pain and may be felt as: aching, shooting, burning, nagging

  The pain may not always be the same. For some people with fibromyalgia, the pain and stiffness are worst when they wake up, improve during the day, and increase again at night. But others have all-day, non-stop pain. For many, the pain gets worse with physical activity, stress, or anxiety. Fibromyalgia patients may be more sensitive to light and temperature. 

   Along with overall pain, people with fibromyalgia have many specific parts of the body that are tender to the touch, also known as tender points. These include: the front and back of the neck, mid to the upper back of the shoulders, elbows, upper portion of the buttocks, hips and knees.

  This is where my theory comes in. I believe no one should own a name a doctor came up with. Your body hurts! Period. You don’t have to own this for life. It hurts you today. The body is all connected, and part of your body is called connective tissue. You have muscles that are attached to bone, tendons and ligaments and they have a memory. That memory is attached to pain in this case of this thing some doctor named fibromyalgia. I hope your following me here. My belief is that this all started with some sort of trauma. I believe emotional. When an emotion is not expressed where does it go? Into the body and more of the same things continue to happen, usually unhealthy things. Why? Because we continue to push that “thing” away by not dealing with it. We split off from it but, our wonderful bodies keep trying to tell us, pay attention to me I hurt. Oh, you won’t listen I’ll hurt louder.

  How do I know this because I hurt all over at one point too. I drank the pain away. Presto, I got sober and the pain got really, really bad. I needed to get that pain out and I listened to my body for the first time at age 26 after drinking and doing drugs since I was 14 years old. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and dumped all that toxic childhood pain and adult emotional pain. To be honest it was like being in hell in those rooms for me. I just kept going because my health and well being counted on it. I didn’t do a lot of what they told me and frankly I am glad I didn’t. I found a good therapist. I did not befriend too many people there. I went talked it out, cried, screamed and went 3 times a day some days. What was interesting is as I talked and cried I could literally feel the pain lift from my body.

  There are some people that I have shared my belief with about this pain body and they accuse me of blaming them for their pain. No, no I just believe that you can truly let it go. It is never just cut and dry. All the things listed above play a roll in this natural cure. It’s not always popping pills maybe really good fish oils, vitamin D, a good liquid vitamin, liquid B complex, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture.  There will be plenty of painful emotions in our life times and if you feel the pain, cry, scream get it out I truly believe we can all live healthier lives by communicating and emoting not masking the problem with pharmaceutical drugs and crippling diseases. The body is in a state of dis-ease, so let’s help ourselves heal with words, action and movement forward in a positive direction.

  I am sure I will get some crazed responses but, before you send them sit with what you just ingested and know that all the above can not happen over night it didn’t for me. Try just giving it a chance. There are also really good nutritionists out there that can be really helpful or do your own research like I did.


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